It has long been the stereotype that doctors have illegible handwriting. The jumble of words on a prescription is usually a mystery. That mix of medical jargon, however illegible, is vital information for a patient’s health and well being. Thankfully, doctors have long been dictating oral notes with their thoughts, diagnoses, and treatment options. It is a quick and efficient method of ensuring a thorough set of medical notes.

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As a result, medical transcription is a very important job. The transfer of that information from oral to written format demands accuracy. An expert medical transcriptionist must understand precise medical terms and be able to produce a verbatim transfer. Worldwide Dictation has been the leader in medical transcription services for the past 40 years. With over 180 highly experienced medical transcriptionists on staff, we are able to complete a timely transfer of this vital information with accuracy, every time.

Along with accuracy comes the need for punctuality. Worldwide Dictation offers several delivery options including overnight delivery, mail, and fax. Our secure server provides the most efficient method of delivery. We will provide you with a PIN. Next, simply log on to our secured website, enter your username and password, and your documents are available for download.

Your profession requires you to be accurate. Patients are depending on you to be thorough in your work. We understand this, and we know that every document and every word matters. We provide accurate, verbatim, and prompt transcription of your medical notes each and every time. For a review of the many offers available, contact Worldwide Dictation at 1-800-442-5993 or [email protected].