As with most other technological advances, there are numerous advantages to the shift from traditional transcription to digital transcription. The most important advantage is that the accuracy rate is higher. If a doctor uses a tape to dictate her notes, the tape may become impaired or damaged over time, making it difficult to understand. In addition, if a doctor uses audio tapes, the transcription time frame could take a lot longer to complete.

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The primary advantage of digital transcription is its convenience. Notes can be dictated into a handheld device, and then uploaded from any computer at any time. Worldwide Dictation uses a secure website with an encrypted server to maintain confidentiality and ward off unauthorized use of your files. Each customer is given a password and user name as well. We can accommodate both traditional and digital transcription requests, especially digital dictation as we were the first to excel in that field. With all of our transcription services, we ensure both speed and accuracy to give our clients the best we can possibly offer them.

In the case of digital transcription, there is no need to reuse or ship tapes. Moreover, the risk of losing a tape is avoided, as is the risk of poor sound quality from a reused tape. With digital methods, a great deal more information can also be stored. The best way to think about it is comparing the difference in the amount of songs an MP3 player can store versus a cassette tape. Not only is the difference is outstanding, using the latest technology can improve how you normally do everyday tasks such as dictating notes and procedural information. Digital recording also allow us to perform how we do our job, as our transcriptions are nor more accurate and can be sent back o you as t faster rate than ever before.

Digital dictation is the wave of the future. With so much accuracy and dependable quality, it is ultimately the patients who will benefit. Worldwide Dictation offers secure and accurate digital transcription services to both the medical and legal community. We can also help insurance companies by transcribing their recorded statements for claims offices. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].