No two medical reports are alike. If you were to pick up a patient’s file, you would learn not only the patient’s physical ailments, but you would also learn of any prescription and food allergies they may have. Moreover, you might learn about prior existing conditions that could affect or alter a patients’ treatment. When it comes to medical reports, you shouldn’t settle for anything short of one-hundred percent accuracy and an organized, detailed outline of a patients’ medical history.

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Medical reports are a roadmap of a patient’s medical situation. Likewise, medical reports may also include a physician’s overall notes regarding the type of disease or treatment plan. In this capacity, doctors are able to make greater strides in the treatment of life-threatening illness. Because the information contained in medical reports is of the highest importance, the quality of the medical transcription performed is also of the highest importance.

Worldwide Dictation is the leader of the medical transcription industry. With the highest accuracy rate among our competitors, we work very hard to protect the integrity of these medical reports. Our well-trained staff has a minimum of five years experience in medical transcription, which allows us to maintain the lowest error rate in the industry. Our transcriptionists are also very familiar with medical terminology, which helps us deliver verbatim transcriptions; what you hear in the audio is exactly what comes out on paper. Also, we have proven ourselves as a reliable and helpful service to our highly illustrious clients such as All-State and NYU Medical Center.

Ensure the integrity of your medical reports by relying on the pioneers of medical transcription. No two medical reports are alike, just as no two medical transcription services are alike. Rely on the best: Worldwide Dictation. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].