In any business or profession, your reputation precedes you. Medical and legal transcription are the foundation of any institution or practice relying on the transfer and storage of vital information. At Worldwide Dictation, we began as the forefathers of the field and continue to be innovators and leaders in modern transcription services. But even when this profession began and technology had yet to modernize into what we have today, Worldwide Dictation was always technologically prepared. Through the use of audio cassette tapes, doctors and lawyers were finally offered an alternative solution for the recording of their thoughts and analysis.

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Originally, dictations were done through an audio cassette tape because at the time, technology had not yet made the strides to become as sophisticated as it is today. In 1964, when Herbert Ofner began the business of medical transcription, he understood that doctors needed to be able to rely on highly accurate verbatim transcriptions of medical documents. He built a reputation for being the best in the industry; providing accurate, timely, and affordable medical transcription services through his company, Worldwide Dictation. Initially serving the New York area, he drove around picking up the audio tapes of doctors, and then delivering the error-free documents back to them. This became the business model that would lead Worldwide Dictation into the 21st century. Through the convenience of digitization and the internet, we now offer services that make it even easier for clients to obtain their invaluable information.

Although Worldwide Dictation is now on the forefront of internet transcription and digital dictation, we still offer audio tape services. This method is still used today by many professionals in a variety of practices. You simply send a copy of your tape to us in the mail or by overnight express delivery, and we will transcribe it for you in a timely manner with the utmost accuracy. We convert audio tapes into digital WAV files, and then distribute them to our transcriptionists using our digital tracking system. Our most experienced staff will edit the documents, and we will work with any templates and formats that you provide us with. In addition, we also provide tape digitization services.

All audio tapes are transcribed by trained professionals. Our team of audio tape transcriptionists are rigorously tested, and we always ensure that they have had years of training and experience before allowing them to work on your documents. Our team consists of over 180 medical transcriptionists, 60 legal transcriptionists, and 20 editors who are all highly trained and exceed MTIA and AAMT standards. Many of our team members have been in the industry for over a decade.

When you purchase the services of Worldwide Dictation, you can be sure that you will be provided with accurate, verbatim, and prompt transcription of your medical notes, each and every time. You may call into our dictation service via telephone, using a PIN number we provide you with, or upload your files via our secure website with your username and password. For a review of the many offers available, please visit the Services section of our website or contact Worldwide Dictation at 1-800-442-5993 or at [email protected].