Data conversion is the transfer of information from one format to another. This conversion is necessary to store as well as interpret data. Within the field of medicine, this process carries the highest level of responsibility with it due to the need for accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

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At Worldwide Dictation, we are the pioneers of medical data conversion. You give us a voice, and we give you the text. We also let you choose the format that works best for you. We can get audio from standard size tapes, micro size tapes and mini size tapes. For these, we digitize the audio using customized hardware and software solutions from TELEX® and Brooktrout®.

As the leaders in digital dictation, we offer the convenience of automation to our clients while fully ensuring the integrity of the information. Simply carry a handheld digital recorder, dictate your notes, and when you are ready, upload the digital audio file to our secure website. You can download your completed transcription from our website using a username and password authorized to you by Worldwide Dictation.

We also offer telephone dictation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our service is fast and easy to use. We provide you with a PIN that keeps your transactions secure and stored with all your previous dictations. Simply call in, enter your PIN, dictate your notes and hang up. We provide the same features that hospital dictation services do, such as rewind, pause and fast forward. Our digital system has a built-in 256-bit encryption. Above all, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer unsurpassed accuracy and confidentiality.

Worldwide Dictation is a proven second-generation leader in transcription services, the very first to offer digital dictation and medical transcription using the Internet. For a review of our services, please visit the Services section of our website or contact us at 1-800-442-5993 or at [email protected].