Many businesses experience a busy season. For retail, it is usually around the holidays. For tourist attractions, summer business is booming. When this happens, many of these establishments hire extra temporary staff. In the case of a medical practice, busy season could be any time of the year. It is not always as easy for a medical office to hire part-time help.

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One of the greatest tools a booming medical practice can possess is a trusted medical records transcription service. The transcription of medical documents and records can streamline the entire office system. In addition, the documents are legible, error-free, and there is a back-up copy. The patients actually receive better care. Their treatment is easy to follow and understand, and there is a clear record of trials, successes, medications taken, etc. Worldwide Dictation provides the highest quality medical records transcription.

Our business began in 1964, when Herbert Ofner realized how important it was for doctors to be able to dictate and transcribe their notes. He would drive to various doctors’ offices in the New York area and pick up their cassette tapes. He would take them back to his office where transcriptionists would work with headphones, carbon paper, and typewriters.

Our family-owned business has become one of the most respected in the medical transcription industry. Now a second generation business, we were the first to develop digital dictation using the Internet. We can also claim one of the country’s lowest error rates in our performance. When your practice’s busy season hits, let us help you streamline the patient care process with our accurate and fast transcription services. For more information about our available services, contact Worldwide Dictation Services at 1-800-442-5993 or email us at [email protected].